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Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry #59

Some things are not meant to happen.

Today, I thought I’d finally take my revenge on Gadreel, that I’d get a chance to make him pay, blow after blow, for what he’s done, but now I’ll have to wait. The son of a bitch suddenly became a valuable bargaining chip in a deal set by Metatron himself and unfortunately, it was an offer we couldn’t refuse: Gadreel’s life against Castiel’s. I wasn’t keen on letting the angel go but between revenge and friendship, the choice was quickly made.

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I had to edit the post and upload the art in two parts because it was blurry (too big apparently). For the full size version, you can go here.

Castiel making Dean smile in season 9

Question is are you gonna stand in my way?

make me choose: → magnus bane or alec lightwood? (asked by clarissassfray)

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Phil is truly underrated...

I’ve never paid a lot of attention to my nails because I have these little boy fingers. I always joke I could be a hand model in a Tonka Truck commercial!